Scandrick, Rewarded Again

Scandrick wasn’t happy that Morris Claiborne and Brandon Carr will be making more money than he him this year…

When you think about Cowboys, you think about Country Music. Jake Owens has a song stating that “We all want what we ain’t got.” Don’t tell that to Orlando Scandrick. He wanted more money, and now he has it. Scandrick wanted a salary increase via an extension this year. He wasn’t concerned about staying here longer, he had four years left on his deal. His issue is that in 2015 both Morris Claiborne and Brandon Carr will be making more money than he would. Somehow, he felt under-valued. Is that the case?

The Dallas Cowboys have rewarded Scandrick. It started off in 2011 when Scandrick, our third corner back at the time, just played the slot. They saw something in him. They saw his value. They ended up rewarding him for something that he had not yet earned. Cowboys gave Scandrick a 5 year, 15 million dollar extension. This deal consisted of 10 million guaranteed and a signing bonus of 3 million dollars.

Scandrick later overcame competition and supplanted himself as the Cowboys best corner. He made good on their gamble. Yet, the Cowboys rewarded him again. In 2013 he received a two-year, six million dollar extension. That same year, his contract was restructured to give him 3.75 million dollars. One of the things about a restructure is that it pushes money up into your contract. What you were going to make later is changed. This is why he was only going to make 1.5 million dollars.

Have the Cowboys mindsight changed? No. They have believed in Scandrick. They continue to do so. No one complains when you get more of a good thing. Scandrick agreed to all these terms. A person shouldn’t be so quick to see what you presently do not have, that you don’t see the benefits you have already received.

Scandrick entered a minor holdouIt, letting Cowboys management know that he was unhappy. Cowboys requested that he join the club and that they would look into his contract. Orlando Scandrick reported back to the facilities and now has been rewarded again. Another year was added to his contract. Not only will he be guaranteed 4 million dollars, but a total of 9.5 million dollars have been added to his contract over the next five years.

For certain reasons, the Cowboys gave in to Scandrick. The depth at Corner is lacking. You have an average corner in Brandon Carr, a rookie in Byron Jones, Morris Claiborne is still recovering from knee surgeries, and the competition will soon start for your fifth corner spot. Getting a quality, free agent corner, worthy of starting isn’t cheap. Then look to the afore-mentioned Brandon Carr. It isn’t a sure thing either. The Cowboys would rather give him an extra $2 million here or there than to have him sit out. They would rather him be here, happy, as a leader of this defense.

The Cowboys are building something here. They believe that these are the “Days of Gold” for the Romo and Witten Era. The key to this team reaching expectations lie with this defense.


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