Zone Blocking: The Anti-McFadden

The Rookie Scouting Portfolio (RSP)

One of my early thoughts of McFadden at Arkansas was that he struggled with decision-making in non-angle blocking (zone) situations. Contributor Nathan Miller shows where McFadden and most of all, his offensive line, is struggling to pick up the zone blocking scheme coach Dennis Allen brought to Oakland. Photo by TipsterHog.

By Nathan Miller

Another season, another less than electric year for Darren McFadden. But this time it isn’t due to a lingering injury suffered on the field, in practice, or doing it Gangnam style across his imported mahogany floors. The culprit this time is a change in the Raiders offense to a zone blocking scheme during the offseason. Past history lulled us into thinking the change wouldn’t be a problem, but it is rearing its ugly head once the real games were underway.

Newly anointed head coach Dennis Allen installed Oakland’s new zone blocking scheme. The switch carries along…

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