He Dez-erves This…

Dez Bryant is trusted on the field and has become not only a leader on this team, but one of the best receivers in the NFL. Reports indicate that his off the field trust issues has Cowboys cautious.

Approaching fast is the March 2nd deadline to decide for applying a franchise tag to a player. Dez Bryant and the Dallas Cowboys are trying to work out the details of a long-term contract, but it has been hard with the changing of agents and the fight against time. Maybe this pressure will serve the two sides well and get a deal done that would benefit both sides.

The Cowboys will not take the $13 million dollar franchise hit to their salary cap, and Dez will have to play the year going through the questions and worries about if he will get a deal, will it be with the Cowboys, and hopes of not getting injured. The latter is the main concern. Dez plays all out, fighting for every inch of yard. That is when he is at his best. Getting injured on a one year deal would be bad for him, where in a long-term deal he can play hard and still be protected next year and can just focus on a recovery. The franchise tag, on the brighter side, could buy time for the two teams to work out a long-term deal by the July 15th deadline. But with the team focusing on the draft and then camp preparations, now would be a good time to make it happen.

Dez Bryant hauled in 16 TDs last year. No wide receiver has had more touch downs than he had since he came in the league. He has proven to be a go to guy and in certain games, has been down right dominant. Consistency is something that he has been working on, and has improved. From a production side of things, what else do you want in your number one receiver? But here recently, the media wants to talk about more of his off the field run ins than what he does in uniform.

Lately, all of Dez’s past incidents, mostly things done by people associated with Dez, have been dug up and put back on the table. Their has been reports about something tragic that happened that no one can give proof of. Adam Shefter has been working on getting information about this “alleged” video tape since September of 2014. The tape was supposed to show Dez in an unpleasant light doing something in 2011. Why hasn’t Shefter submitted a report or article on this? Because he doesn’t have enough information. Enough proof. Enough evidence. While somehow he knows that said tape exists, he has never seen it. Who has? No one is sure, but that didn’t stop people from mentioning that it was “five times worst than the Ray Rice tape.” But not even TMZ could come up with this tape as of yet. So mysterious. Perhaps the most mysterious footage in the Dallas area since “Who Shot J.R.” over 8 years before Dez Bryant was even born.

Stephen A. Smith (https://m.soundcloud.com/the-stephen-a-smith-show/stephen-a-talks-about-the-questionable-timing-of-the-rumored-dez-bryant-video-1) made a good point earlier during the week when he asked, Why now? Why is this mystery tape that occurred three years ago of any importance and interest now, as in during Dez Bryant’s contract negotiations? To a guy that has been everything you wanted him to be, Dez can’t help but scratch his head.

No one knows who started this uproar, but the Cowboys were already aware of this incident that Dez was not involved in. Dez has not been charged with any crime. Perhaps he is only guilty of being loyal to his friends. Numerous times, the company that Dez keeps have gotten his name in the news. Some would say that he has the wrong friends, but be careful before you judge another persons bond. It would be safer to ask Dez to continue to assure hisself that his friends want what is best for him, not them and that they understand that the negative attention brought to him is damaging to his brand. Like it or not, he is being judged by said company.

Another point of interest with his contract negotiations, is the notion that Dez should take a “friendly” deal. The people who cheer at the top of their lungs for him. The ones that laud his physical prowess. The ones that are in awe of his athleticism. Many who say he is one of, if not the best wide outs in the NFL. They now turn around and ask that he not be paid as such. To take a lower deal for the team, again. Dez took a smaller deal when he first signed with team, because he wanted to be on the field. Wanted to make concessions so that he to could succeed. Now that he has proven to be the play maker that he has become, Dez should get compensated for his talents. If you believe this team is better with him, pay him accordingly. If you can’t afford market price, maybe you shouldn’t be in the market. If reports are true, the base part of the deal is set. Now they are debating over the details and guaranties.

Time is of the essence. This team is set up to win now. Draft picks in return would be good for the future, but you have a grand opportunity in front of you. Seize it. Do what needs to be done and reward your players. Dez has not only earned it, but he deserves it.


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