Weeden Wednesdays Work…

For seven straight weeks, Cowboys Quarterback Tony Romo has sat out practice on Wednesday.  Brandon Weeden have took all of the snaps for Romo on this day.  This rest has been a huge help to Romo as he still is recovering and more so, protecting his back that he had off-season surgery on for the second time.

Since week two, Romo has looked and played better than many of us had hoped he would. He was effective and efficient. The running game has helped, but all have attributed his performance to his weekly sabbatical.  Rest is good, in the last three games Romo has tooken at least one hit that has left him in pain. The last of such came on Monday night with 7:50 left in the third quarter against Washington.  A knee to the back from Linebacker Keenan Robinson left Romo throbbing in pain on the field for minutes. You knew that he was hurt, and hurt bad. Flashbacks of last years game flew through your mind. Did he reinjure the same disk? WWasit a different disk? Was it a fracture? Would he miss significant time? Would he need another surgery?  Then our focus turned to a different Cowboy.

We looked at Brandon Weeden. Many were unsure of what he could do. Like the third string QB starting for Washington (Colt McCoy), Weeden had been born, beaten, ripped to shreds and sacrificed for the Browns. Cleveland- Home of the Broken Quarterbacks.  Your passion and confidence are torn from you.

But that was not what we seen Monday Night. Weeden came into the game and he looked comfortable. More importantly, this team looked comfortable. Plays got in. Players got lined up and Weeden did what every backup quarterback should do, don’t mess up.  Be ready. And trust your preparation.  Weeden put the ball in the hands of DeMarco Murray and let his work horse do work. Murray went on to rush for over 140 yards. When Weeden needed to pass, he stepped and made good throws. Each of his six throws were on target. Weeden had two drives, and led Cowboys to points in both. Maybe if Dez Bryant had a little more magic left, both drives would have been for Touchdowns.

Showing the heart of a Champion, Romo came back onto the field after pleading his case to all medical personnel for the Cowboys and was allowed to return to game action. Weeden’s day was over. He finished the night 4 out of 6 attempts for 69 yards and a Touchdown.  Obviously the added reps he has been getting on Wednesdays and earlier on in Training Camp have paid off.  Not only him, but Wade Wilson and Jason Garrett are to be commended on how they have approached this opportunity and gotten Weeden ready for this moment. The team trusted him and he did not dissapoint.  Though the Cowboys eventually lost in Overtime, Weeden’s play was a positive for the Cowboys as we know what he can do in a game.

Romo received a CT scan on Tuesday along with other medical tests. It appears that his back was just bruised and no other new damages have formed, but we are still waiting on official report.  If he checks out, Romo will be on the field Sunday versus Patrick Peterson and the Arizona Cardinals. On the side line, ready for when and if his number is called will be Brandon Weeden.


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