Creating a Winning Culture

The Dallas Cowboys have had its fair share of ups and downs. Here lately however, they have been experiencing more downs. They have one playoff win the past 18 years. Haven’t made the playoffs since 2009 and has gone 8-8 with a chance to end that drought the last three seasons. This organization that boasts 13 Hall of Famers and 5 Superbowls have lost its touch. What can they do to get it back? Do they have enough in them to want to get it back?

Jason Garrett, team head coach, speaks about a process and a culture that you have to fall in love with. We might be seeing that culture take shape.
The Cowboys far too many times made acquisitions that made too much noise in the news and not enough noise on the field. If this team had big money, then they went out and got the biggest fish they could catch. Sometimes their catch was too big for the boat. Other times they found out that the fish wasn’t big. It was just big boned. There was nothing there really. So in both cases, the catch was eventually thrown back. Lately they have not had the cap to do this. This might turn out to be a blessing. Not only are they forced to look elsewhere for talent but they had to take a long look in the mirror. How did America’s Team get put in the middle of nowhere? We are made stronger and smarter through our failures and mistakes. The Cowboys are realizing what they did wrong and are trying to correct it. Please be advised, this takes time.

The best way to build your team is through the draft. In any scouting, you have to know who you are and what you need. Once you know, you can evaluate who fits that mold and see what they offer. No stat is more telling than the Cowboys only have four players on their roster that they drafter prior to 2010. (Witten, Spencer, Free and Scandrick) Pause. Let that sink in.

One thing of note is the exceptional job the Cowboys have done in finding undrafted players that have hunger and talent. Barry Church and Tony Romo are the first ones to come to mind. Particularly since they are starters for us in positions of high importance. Somehow they keep getting these guys who perform well with the skill set for the NFL. Cowboy fans are hoping that this doesn’t change, especially with the new crop of UDFA at the rookie mini camp that is going on right now.

The Cowboys seemn to be trusting their scouts, believing in their coaching staff and hoping they can become Championship Contenders again. They are making one football move at a time and taking it one day at a time. Will these moves pay off? Time will tell. In the mean time DeMarcus Ware will be missed. The Ghosts of past drafts will continue to haunt. They can’t run from it, only out their best foot forward.

The NFL is a popular sport. But it is not a popularity contest. Its not a nursing home either. This is a now league. No one cares about what you once were. Its all about what you can do for this team at this moment and going forward. Do you fit in with what we are doing and can you make us better? Pride, Integrity, Leadership and a Strong work ethic are what you are looking for in players. These are the players that turn into stars. They prove their worth everyday and are not content with anything short of greatness and expect those around them to do the same. A locker room of players like this with a desired goal and purpose will put you in a position to Win every Sunday.

An organization is not going to make the right moves every time, but they can not be afraid to obtain greatness.
You can look around and see the Culture being created. They have pieces in place and they are building. Its been a long hard road, but they can see something forming. The Cowboys can’t wait to see the fruitage of their labor.


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