Can Williams Grab Moment?

When Johnny Manziel was seen in a picture with a Wide Receiver who played for the Dallas Cowboys last year, speculation was started. What if Johnny Football dropped in the NFL? What if he fell to the Cowboys? Manziel did drop and he was there for the taking. The Cowboys went a different route. Manziel would go six picks later to the Cleveland Browns. A week later, they would sign, no not Dez Bryant but Miles Austin.

With Austin gone, what will the Cowboys do now? Miles was such an explosive target for Tony Romo. He was one of the best receivers in the league when healthy. How do you replace such a talent? Fortunately for the Cowboys they have been trying to deal with this for years. Due to a number of injuries, Miles has either been a shadow of his former self or he has not played at all. He would remind us of what he did in 2009 and the next game would disappear. These nagging injuries made him inconsistent. Last year, the Cowboys found a new hope.

Terrance Williams was drafted in the third round of the NFL draft last year. Even though he put up huge numbers, many wondered if he had the speed and quickness needed at the next level. He had skills, but could he become a good route runner and use his hands when catching the ball?

These were all issues that Williams could not run from. But inside he knew that if he was given a chance, he would prove what he could do. Those who doubted Williams were witness to the fact and became believers. True, Williams did struggle coming out of the gates. Just like every other rookie, there are some adjustments to be made and things that you need to do in order to be better.
With Austin being hurt, Terrance Williams found himself in the starting lineup for about half of the games last season. He made his mistakes and learned from them.

It seemed that each game he was becoming a better player. He improved his route running and his hands were becoming more consistent. NFL corners were finding out that he was fast enough to play and had the skills needed to excel in this league.

At the end of the year of Williams had accumulated 736 yards receiving and found the end zone five times. He proved to be a big play threat by averaging 16.7 yards a reception, tying him for sixth in the NFL. Out of his forty-four catches, twelve of them were over twenty yards and three were over forty. Of the passes thrown to him, he had a catch rate of sixty percent. Clearly, Williams was catching on. Interesting to note that he did all of this on just under seventy percent of the snaps.
He showed us glimpses that he has some star power in him. While he looks the part of a second receiver, we also saw that he can get better. Scary thought.

Terrance Williams is in a good position. You are surrounded by Pro Bowl talent. You are just one part of a great offensive skills unit. It is safe to say that you will benefit from playing alongside a Dez Bryant and a Hall Of Fame Tight End in Jason Witten. Somebody is going to receive a favorable matchup and nine times out of ten, it is going to be him. Undoubtedly that has caught the eye of new coordinator Scott Linehan and the eyes of Tony Romo as well. And if Williams has shown us anything from his first season in the NFL, he will be there. Ready to grab this moment.


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