Improving Cowboys Rushing Attack

The NFL Draft just wrapped up and all 32 teams think they have done a good job. Some just needed to reload to keep their team in contention. Other teams are trying to rebuild and start fresh. Then you have teams like the Dallas Cowboys who are neither rebuilding or reloading. They are just trying to get closer to the fight. Closer to the action; closer to being one of the teams in the hunt for the Lombardi Trophy.

Even though the Cowboys drafted 7 out of 9 players on the defensive side of the ball, I think that they did wonders in helping their offense. Not did they draft a lineman and a receiver, but they added three players to their backfield through the undrafted rookie free agency. The one area that always drove me to the brink of madness was the number of blown leads the Cowboys have had. According to the Bleacher Report, the Cowboys have blown fifteen games in the last five years. So on average, that is three games a year. I ask you just how many wins would we have needed in the past three years to make the playoffs? Just one. This stat more than most allows you to see that every game does matter.

It would be unfair to blame the offense or the defense for losing these leads. They both have done their fair share over the years in this department. Perhaps the common way to protect a lead however is to run the ball, especially if you have the lead late in games. Feeding your pro bowl Running back and leaning on him to seal the deal. As long as he is gaining yards and getting first downs, you will keep procession and the game clock will continue to run down. But in order to play Big Boy Football you will need Big Boy Brawlers and a few ballers. You need a strong dependable line that can move defenders off the ball and make room for your running backs. You will also need players to help carry the workload and give your work horse time to o rest up.

With the decisions that they have made with in the last four days, the Cowboys are in a perfect position to do just that. The selection of Zach Martins strengthens the line and provides for flexibility and youth. You team Martin up with Travis Frederick and Tyron Smith, both of who are younger than Martin, and you have a solid nucleus that will not only keep Tony Romo upright in the pocket but utilize the running game. There is no reason why Dallas should problems having a more balanced attack and a more effective offense. Martin will be looking to start at either guard spot. Learning the playbook and getting stronger will be his main job right now.

The Cowboys then added two more running backs that will come in and compete with the talent they already have. Texas A&M product Ben Malena uses his compact frame to slide through the line and shift through and past defenders. He is excellent in picking up blitzes and blocking even though he is limited in size. You can measure height, but it is the unmeasurables like effort and heart that makes a true Champion. Glasco Martin from Baylor was also a nice pick up from the pool of undraftaed. He is a big back that fights for every yard. He uses size and athleticism to punish opposing defenders. Returning from last year’s squad is Randle and Dunbar. Joseph Randle has DeMarco in him, while Lance Dunbar uses his quickness to get into the open field.

With these additions to the team and the returning players who starving for a post season birth, I do not see why we can’t improve on our rushing offense that was a staggering 24th in the league. This alone should be motivation for the offensive line and the running back corps. With a little hard work and good luck the Cowboys should have an effective running game.


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  1. We can only hope this helps lol

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