If the ifs happen…

Johnny Football. The most dynamic college athlete the past two years, on the field and off it. Johnny Manziel is the Heisman Winning, never say never, Goliath slaying, edge of your seat, play-making quarterback out of Texas A&M. After his debut in 2012, many said that he would be a future Top 3 pick in this upcoming draft. Then something happened. We forgot.

We didn’t forget about his talent. We didn’t forget his cat like reflexes or how quick he is. We didn’t forget about his release. We forgot that at the time, Manziel was just 20 years old. We forgot that he was going into his redshirt sophomore year. We forgot what we were like at 20 with none of his charisma or plot in life.

The expectations turned from just being a good football player to being a role model to everyone. To act how we wanted him to act.

Instead Manziel proceeded to be his self, a 20 year old college kind in today’s day and age. he partied with friends. Met new people. Went to musical and sporting events. Spent some time on a lake or two. To many, Johnny Football turned into Johnny Rock star.

Then the football season started and he proved that he was Even better than he was the year before. He showed more patience in the pocket. He showed off his arm and continued to wow us with his athleticism and elusiveness. Manziel finished his career with 7,806 yards through the air, 2,162 yards on the ground. He scored 63 times via the passing game and rushed for another 30 touchdowns. The debate has been on regarding Johnny and the other quarterbacks of this dratft. What team will pick him up if he starts to drop?

Last year, if you would have told any team out of the top Five that Manziel would be there, few would think twice about picking him up. At 16, what if Manziel was still available? What if his name was still on the board? Should the cowboys pick up even when they have other needs and statistically one of the best passers in the entire game?
Count me as one that would make the call for him to be on the team. If he was to be there, that would mean that all other potential picks would be gone. There is not two JaDeveon Clowneys or Aaron Donalds in this draft. When a potential all star falls in your lap, you don’t let them get away.

What are the benefits? You can develop him into your QB of the future. Romo is not getting younger. In a quarterback driven league, you are lost with out having a winner at this position. If he develops well, you have leverage and can make trade options with other teams. And of course, what if Tony Romo continues to get banged up and miss time? Shouldn’t your backup be trusted to win games and make plays for you?

Honestly, Manziel might be gone. But the decision will have to be made. If you can not trade down and your value is not there, pick best player available. Even if that player is a quarterback. This team is more than a rotational player away from returning to Championship contention. If we do not get a stud, we will continue in mediocrity.


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