Salary Cap Domino


Salary Cap Domino


There is still one or two Dominoes that need to fall for the Dallas Cowboys.  They are still $6.8 Million Dollars over the Salary Cap.  With Free Agency set to begin Tuesday, Match 12th, something has to happen.  The team will need to allocate funds for the Rookies that get drafted in April.  They are also in need of some pieces at Safety, Defensive Line, and Offensive Line. Time is of the essence.  If the Cowboys want to avoid penalties and sanctions, they need to get something done.  Where is that Domino going to fall from?

The Teams have restructured several contracts thus far: Miles Austin, Brandon Carr, Mackenzy Bernadeau, Ryan Cook, Jason Witten and DeMarcus Ware.  So from newer contracts to stars on the team, the Cowboys are looking high and low at contracts.  Jay Ratliff and Orlando Scandrick are other contracts that the Cowboys have been looking at.  Scandrick, in my oppinion should have never been offered such a big contract and now the Cowboys are forced to back tract and try to shift money around.  Players like backup QB Kyle Orton and Marcus Spears are options as well. 

Gerald Sensabaugh was cut earlier this week.  This saved the team over $1 million dollars which the Cowboys needed, but now the question is what they will do at Safety.  They already needed a safety and now they need two.  The Draft just got more interesting for the Cowboys.  They see how deep this draft is, and figure they can find someone who brings the type of value that Sensy has brought or more.  Cowboys fans are hoping and wishing since we have been looking for a force at Safety since Darren Woodson left.  Roy Williams had his time here, but after Woody he was never the same.  And with the move to a Cover two, the safety position is looked at with even more importance.  Why not choose to cut another player at a different position. 

Didn’t the General Manager and Owner of the team say that things were going to get “real uncomfortable” after another mediocre season?  Why not start looking at the players who have under achieved and give them a shot to be stars somewhere else?  Sure, you might release a future pro bowler or starter on another team, but you should never let fear drive your decision making.  If All-Pro linebacker James Harrison can be released by the Steelers, and the Falcons can release three starters off their team, why is it so hard for an 8-8 football squad to make similar decisions to get under the cap and gain flexibility to making this team better.  I was surprised that Defense had the first cut since we changed schemes and coordinators.  If a cut was made, I thought Jason Garrett would man up and get it done on offense since it has been under his control over the past four or five years. 

There is not alot of players that are worth the cut, weighing options over money saved and future production.  The Debate amongst Cowboy fans are rather to wait and see if Doug Free can regain his confidence or cut ties with him.  There had been talks of moving him to guard where Romo has been receiving the most pressure, but who is to say that he is better fit there.  Blame it on the contract or the pressure of Tyron Smith performing so well and raising expectations, but Doug Free has not been the same player.  He might be the next Casualty of the Salary Cap.

The possibility of making a trade is also dangling out there.  Recently franchised Anthony Spencer has been in constant rumors.  Other teams around the league know that the Cowboys are desprate right now so are low balling what they will give them in return.  Again, time is of the essence.  Joe Flacco just signed a record breaking contract making him the highest paid player in the NFL.  So what would Tony Romo want?  The Cowboys have been looking to reconstructure his contract but have not had success.  It seems that him and his agent are playing hard ball.  If we can not reconstructure, Tony will play out his final year on his contract and then become a free agent.  The Cowboys will be in the same cap space situation again next year.  Will they have enough money to sign him, and if so at what expense?  Wrapping up all your money in a 33 year old quarterback for a mediocre team doesn’t make too much sense. 

I ask Cowboy nation what exactly are we expecting from Tony Romo in the next three seasons?  A Championship?  Do you think that there is a clutch switch installed that will allow him to make the right decisions when the game matters the most?  Not just in certain games.  Either you have it or you don’t.  And while Tony Romo has something, I do not think it is enough with the way this team in constructed.  The Cowboys went 2-7 against winning teams in the NFL last year.  In those 9 games, Tony threw 18 of his 19 interceptions.  (Since Tony became starter, we are 14-24 against winning teams)   Why not offer Tony Romo up and see what interest he receives.  This move will get us under the salary cap and allow us to not just go window shopping in free agency but get two or three players that will help this team.   But we NEED Tony, right.  Not so fast.  And while he has put up great numbers with the Cowboys, he has only had one play-off win in seven years.  Is that not why you play the game?  In the words of Herm Edwards, “HELLO!”  And in the ten games that he missed in 2010, Jon Kitna threw for 2,365 yards, 16 TDs and eventually finished the season .500 with three close losses of three or fewer points.  So he did just what Romo does, put up big numbers and win half the time.  Kyle Orton can do the same thing.  At least until we find a better option. 

Because is that not what we all want-OPTIONS.  The opportunity to make our team better and hopefully in the near future start playing competitive championship football.  The option of going and getting the best players we can and fielding a winning team.  Because so far, we have not been winning.  All 32 other teams who are under the cap are making moves to better their teams in some sort or fashion.  Teams like Atlanta, San Francisco, and New England are prepared to find those missing pieces to the puzzle that will allow them to play and possibly win in that last big game of the season, the Super Bowl.  The big puzzle for the Cowboys is figuring out which Romo we will get and hoping he doesn’t unravel in the clutch- to no avail.  So why not let someone else deal with the fragmented pieces of his confidence.  Tony Romo is the last Domino to fall before free agency.  Will the Cowboys find a way to reconstruct his deal or do what is inevitable and try to get something back to help this team?  We shall see, but I am betting that this Domino will not Fall.  The Country Club that is the Cowboys organization will continue to dishonor their once prided Tradition and remain just an average team.  Tony Romo and his agent seems to be holding the winning Domino leaving us scrambling the “graveyard” for answers.


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