Cjbcool Cowboys Mock Draft Version 1

Mock Draft

Pre-Free Agency

The Dallas Cowboys have several holes to fill.  They have some young players that they are depending on that have showed promise like Morris Claiborne, Tyrone Crawford, Tyrin Smith, and Bruce Carter.  But there are other Cowboy youngsters that could come along and prove their worth to the team.  Players like Danny Coale, Cole Beasley, Matt Johnson, Kevin Kowalski and Jeremy Parnell are hoping that 2013 will be the year that they put their names in the list of stars for the Dallas Cowboys.  It will not be easy, but nothing that you want in life is.  Nothing in the NFL is either as some have already found that out. 

Another way that the Cowboys will look to get better is Free Agency, but with the boys still working on restructuring contracts to try to get more cap space (Salary Cap), some wonder if they will be able to get a player that will make an impact.  Fingers are crossed hoping that the Cowboys can get something done and bring in some talent that will help us get over the hill and become a good team with real chances of getting into the playoffs and trying to win a Super Bowl.

And then there is the NFL Draft in April that the Cowboys are eagerly anticipating.  the Draft is where future All-Pros are selected.  Where decisions that will impact your franchise for the next five, ten or even fifteen years are made, some good, others not so much.  So what will the Cowboys do?  Who will they pick and what can we expect?  Will the Cowboys move up like they did last year in grabbing Morris Claiborne, or will they trade down?  There are alot of questions and fortunately for us, alot of time to.  I have been thinking of two scenarios that maight happen come draft day.  No.  I am not in the mind of Jerry Jones, but like all of us, we see what this team needs and how it can get closer to accomplishing team goals.  Here is my take.

There are two scenarios that I see taking place.  The first scenario is where Dallas stands pat at their position in the draft and pick accordingly.  There will be minor trades all over. but this scenario is based on players who might be around when the Cowboys make their selections.

Scenario #1

1st: Jonathan Cooper- Not only would Jonathan Cooper be the best player available, but he serves a need.  The Cowboys Offensive line was horrible last year.  Adding a player like Cooper could strenthen the running and passing game and give the Cowboys more options with their playbook.  The Tampa Bay game from last year comes to mind when mentioning his help in the passing game.  Michael Bennett became a name known around the league.  And an interesting fact about the running game is that we only had one game where a running back ruished for 100 yards.  Cooper can open up holes for the backs and hopefully help keep them healthy.

2nd: Eric Reid- The Cowboys were already needing Safety help, but with the cutting of Gerald Sensabaugh and playing a Tampa 2, we should be looking for Safety help early.   Reid is an athletic player with great closing speed. Not only is he a had hitter, but he has great cover skills.  He is solid in run support and is tough as nails.   Jonathan Cyprien could also be an option here. 

3rd:  Jonathan Franklin- The Cowboys are in need of a good back up running back.  Frankin has carried the load for the UCLA Bruins and is a versatile back.  He can be used on third downs and as a change of pace.  Franklin is also good enough to take over if needed. 

4th: Brennan Williams- Tackle for the Noth Carolina Tarhills.  Williams, whose father played in the NFL on Defense, plays with fire and passion.  He has quick feet and gets into defenders.  WIlliams suffered a torn labrum in college and draft stock took a slide because of it.  Hopefully Williams will be the next player the Cowboys strike gold on who were coming off of questionable injuries.

5th: Sanders Commings- The Georgia Corner who is big and strong.  He plays physical and makes plays.  He is versatile and excels in press coverage.  The Cowboys need a reliable corner who can be counted on.  One that can match up against big receivers and tight ends.

6th: Marquise Wilson- A tall wide receiver that catches the ball well and makes big plays.  Wilson averaged 17 yards a reception and had two seasons of 1,000 yards. Tony Romo needs play makers.  The receiving corps had too many drops last season and only Dez Bryant and Jason Witten performed and met expectations.  More production is needed out of this group.  Kevin Olgetree and Dwayne Harris were inconsistent.  Young talents like Cole Beasly, Danny Coale and Tim Benford should show improvement, but Wilson can stretch the field and give Tony a big target to throw to.  With Miles Austin suffering from hamstring issues, the Cowboys will look to the Draft to get another player that can help Romo and this offense find success.

The second scenario is where the Cowboys trade their first round pick and move down in the Draft order.  In return, the Cowboys get a second and third round pick in this years draft.   This move might come if a player that they wanted gets picked before it is time for the Cowboys to select or if the team thinks it would be in their best interest to get more players out of this deep draft.  For this to work, the team will have to find another team that will be interested in moving up and able to trade some of their picks to get it done. 

Scenario #2

1st: Margus Hunt, DE, SMU—>  Want Kawann Short but he might be gone.  Margus Hunt played really well down the stretch for the Mustangs and has impressed in his post season outings.  He had two sacks, two forced fumbles, and a safety in SMU’s 43-10 win in the Hawaii Bowl, performed well at the Senior Bowl as well doing the same things that  made him a stand out at SMU.  Hunt followed that up with an amazing show of athletic ability at the Combine by running a 4.6 forty and hitting 38 reps in the bench press.  He performed well in his drills and had great power and good feet work.  Hunt still needs to work on his leverage and hand techniques, but he has the tools needed to turn into a solid Defensive End in the NFL.    Hunt has had meetings with the Cowboys and it will be interesting to see where they stand with him.  Do they think he is worth a first round pick and can he play in this scheme?  I think that come Draft day, we will have our answer.

2nd: Eric Reid

2nd: Sylvester Williams- The Cowboys get their Defensive Tackle in the third round.  Williams is an excellent run stopper and has showed that he has the skills needed to get after the Quarterback.  He plays with an attitude that you want from a Defensive Tackle.  Williams only played two seasons at UNC after coming from Junior College.  He has not fully shown us what he is capable of.

3rd:  Jonathan Franklin

3rd: Barrett Jones, Alabama- Barret could play either Guard or Center and can be a day one starter.  He has already gained a ton of experience under Nick Saban at Alabama.  Jones is a smart player who uses his body well and knows how to work the opposing defender.  He brings a championship mentality to your team and is a “Right Kind of Guy.”

4th: Alvin Bailey- Bailey is an athletic guard who can come in here and earn a starting spot down the road.  This pick makes too much sense for the Cowboys, but something that needs to be done.  The Cowboys may also be interested in a linebacker here.

5th: Sanders Commings

6th: Marquise Wilson

This is just two scenarios that might happen.  The one thing that I want to see is who we bring in for Free Agency.  The team has already added some Defensive line help, but more talent is needed.  With Free Agency set to begin on March 12th we will be waiting to see what happens.  The players that we bring in will most likely change who we draft in April.  Many thought we would draft David DeCastro last year, but adding two guards (Mackenzy Bernadeua and Nate Livings) in free agency made it clear that the Cowboys were thinking differently. 


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