Pre Combine Look at Cornerbacks

Johnthan Banks- Flys to the ball even when he is far away. Always wanting to make a play, has tremendous hunger. He goes after the ball when it is in the air and in he opposing players hands. No ball is safe! Can create turnovers all over the field. Able to read and react quickly. Capitalizes on any mistake made. A phenomenal athlete with great ball skills. Plays high at times due to lanky frame and tight hips, but makes up for it with instincts and closing speed. Long arms could be utilized more in Tackling ball carriers.

Dee Milliner- A stellar athlete and natural Corner skills. Could be a great Safety or Corner. Excellent speed and when ever he makes a mistakes, usually recovers from it. He has recorded 38 pass deflections in his career so he can find the ball. As great as he is, has room to improve. Footwork can get better and has a tendency to tackle lazy. Needs to use his speed and get to the ball carrier and wrap him up. Doesn’t jam receivers as much due to his speed. Needs to show that he can be more physical with receivers.

Desmond Trufant- Find ways to be in good position against most Receivers. Very quick and confidence. Comes up with the big plays when you need him to. Plays with a Swagger. Can he learn how to control it and play smarter while still bringing that energy and tenacity? Doesn’t back down from a challenge and goes up and tries to get the ball and every opportunity. Needs to become a better tackler. Two brothers in the league.

Blidi Wreh-Wilson- A solid prospect whose draft stock has sky rocketed. Still a project. Has good awareness and keeps his eye on the ball but never looses his receiver. Plays the deep ball well. great instincts. But footwork needs to get better. Not afraid to be left on an island. Sometimes doesn’t play to his size which points to his inexperience. Needs to show that he has closing speed and can run with NFL receivers. Once he stops thinking, interceptions should come. Still learning and getting better.

Logan Ryan- Plays smart and with good balance. Has some speed on him, but need to see how much. Excellent is man to man coverage. Has good size and plays the ball well and has had over 30 pass deflections and 7 interceptions in his two years starting for the Scarlet Knights.

Sanders Commings- One of the many BIG Corners in this draft. He has been listed as 6’2 and up to 223 pounds and he uses all of it. An asset when using bump and run techniques. He is a physical Corner that uses his hands to control smaller receivers. Even though he is big, he is versatile and can play all over the field and can play in different sub packages. Excellent in press coverage. Solid in the run game. Quickness is in question, but he is a play maker. Has had an off the field issue but his status should not be affected by it.

Leon McFadden- Makes plays on the ball, but needs to work on his techniques.  Trusts his athleticsm too much. Plays better in the open field.

David Amerson-Ball Hawking skills with good range and coverage skills. Poor in run support and may lack the speed needed to play Corner. Has something to prove.

Jordan Poyer- Can play nickel and slot. Reads the ball well and is not afraid to make a play.

Jamar Taylor- A football player. Good tackling skills and is physical. He knows where he is and where the ball is. Has decent recovery skills. Missing that burst and needs to learn how to play with his mind.

Darius Slay gets picked on like a little brother with Banks on the other side, but he tends to hold his own most of the time. Trust his instincts and plays the defender without being too aggressive. Doesn’t have the balls skills you would expect from him. Left plays on the field sometimes.

Will Davis- Needs to work on playing low with balance and awareness. Sometimes doesn’t change direction and move with loose hips. Can play the position, but you question his speed. Can cover, tackle, and react to the ball.

Tharold Simon- Great size. Excellent cover skills- man and press. Plays inconsistent at times. Does a poor job of finding the ball and plays hesitant times. I feel like I should be writing an apology note. An “I’M SORRY” Letter. I fell in love with this guy but kept on getting disappointed. Question his speed and passion for the game.

Watched the play too many times. Doesn’t stick his nose in there as much as I would like.

BW Webb, Dax Swanson, and Robert Alford are solid Corners from small schools. Need to show that their game can translate at the next level. I am interested to see how Robert Alford measures up. He is the best Corner from small school. Plays well in coverage and is solid in man. Makes plays and has potential to return kicks. Plays the ball well in the air. Plays smart but uses his instincts well. Confident versus the level of competition he played against.

After a year off, th Honey Badger will come to Indianapolis to showcase his talent and show why he was one of the biggest play-makers in the country. Interesting to see how much rust he shows.


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