Pre-Combine Look at Tight Ends

We may not be picking a Tight End in this years Draft, but that does not keep us from looking at what potentially is out there.  Vance McDonald, Rice, and Travis Kelce, Cincinatti, are the two Tight Ends that would fit in with what the Cowboys have now.    I am more interested in Kelce as he provides good blocking ability as well.  Kelce is a player that shows up in big games and may be sky rocketing on most boards.  If he performs well at this weeks combine, he may be the Third Tight End taken in this years draft.  Vance McDonald is a nice looking Tight End and a pretty good athlete.  He is capable of doing everything that you need from your tight end.  He has long arms and can make plays in several different positions on the field. (H-Back, F-Back, Joker)  He possesses the ability to get behind the defense, but can man up against the Linebackers as well.  

Michael Williams is the next prospect who you would look at because of his blocking ability.  Personally, I would not draft him with the needs that we have in other areas because at this point in his career he has not showed consistent hands.  Michael Rivera, Tennessee, will have an indepth scouting report on him as his former coach is now our Wide Receivers coach.  He is on the lis of players that would be gone by the time we look to pick a Tight End, if we do at all.  (Tyler Eifert, Zach Ertz, Gavin Escobar, and Jordan Reed should all be off the board)

Other names that you may want to keep an eye on are Lucas Reed and Ben Cotton.  In todays NFL, everyone wants flexiblility at this position.  They are intriguing prospects that may go undrafted due to needs.  If that happens, maybe the Cowboys bring them in for competetion with the other young Tight Ends on the team.  They will certainly look to light a fire under James Hanna.  Is he the guy that we need or not.  Cotton has nice size on him and in my mind is under rated.

  With the pick of James Hanna last year, do not hold your breath looking for a TE to be picked.  Also of note, the Cowboys have former Virginia Tech Tight End, Andre Smith on their roster.  We will have to wait and see what he brings to the table as he was a good blocker in college and progressed with the help of that staff and Tyrod Taylor into a good receiving threat. 

There are talks that Phillips will not be resigned, but all is unclear at the moment.  Just like the production from our Wide Receiving Corps.  It will be interesting to see how the Cowboys handle this position moving forward. 

*Travis Kelce was injured during Combine.


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