Week Four: Keys to the Game


This should be an entertaining game, not for the poor quality of the refs.  The replacements refs have been REPLACED with the real refs.  The Teams are ready, and the stage is set.  It is Time for Monday Night Football at Cowboys Stadium.  Here are the keys to the game for Week four versus the Chicago Bears.

First, we need a solid performance from our Offensive line.  They need  to do a better job of protecting Tony Romo and opening up holes for DeMarco Murray.  Give Romo enough time to orchestrate the offense against this monstrous pass rush.  Julius Pepper has to be accounted for.  Both he and Henry Melton do a great job of disrupting the flow of the game for the opposing teams offense.  If we are able to play Big Boy football it will slow down their pass rush and force Briggs and Urlacher to play inside and work a little harder.  We have to show a threat in the run game by mixing up our arsenal and having success.

Second, let us see if Cutler can remain cool, calm, and collect.  Use stunts on the line and move DeMarcus Ware around.  Make Cutlers job as hard as you can.

The third thing is to be ready for the physicality of the game.  Their Linebackers needs little introduction.  They play with passion, aggression and an intelligence.  Brandon Marshall and Alshon Jeffries are big receivers.  No one wants to have a Newman moment out there.     Their Defensive line will punch you in the face and walk over you if you let them.  Their secondary might not be the biggest, but they will hit you and look to force turnovers.

The last key to the game will be to play consistent and with control.  Do not hurt yourself.  The Bears will do enough of that.  We have to reduce the number of mental errors and penalties.  This and doing a better job of play calling will help sustain drives.  We can not afford to leave plays on the field against this Defense.  Play to your capabilities and the Cowboys will win this game.

Cool call of the night will be that Dez Bryant have his first 100 yard game of the season.


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