Cowboys Young Bulls


The sun shined bright on the young bull.  Today was going to be his first official Rodeo.  He had practiced with the Dummies and on how to enter the chutes.  Now was the time for him to show what he could do.  As he was funneled into the tunnel;he was a sight to see.  The young bull was alert and ready.  But you could tell that there was some unease about him, not knowing what awaits him.  The crowd roaring and all of the sounds of being at a rodeo might have startled him.  

There was a lot riding on this bull.  He needed to perform.  He stood there.  Right in front of the chute.  The Rope was already flanking him.  The rider climbed on, putting his spurs in the side of the bull.  He began to pull the rope tighter and get a firm grip.  By this time, the Bull was beginning to buck showing frustration and the want to be released.. Smoke coming from his nose, his eyes burning with passion.  The only thing he was focused on was getting out of this position.  To free himself of the rope and the rider.  

Little did he know that in just a short period of time he would be judged.  Judged on how he would leave the gate, his speed, power, buck and his every spin and turn.  He will also be judged on his style and personality.  Relentlessly this bull will give it everything that he has. In just eight seconds it will be decided if he is a prized bulls or not.  

The Cowboys have some young bulls that will be in the spotlight as well.  Sean Lissemore, Josh Brent, and Tyrone Crawford will get plenty of playing time.  Injuries have afforded them the opportunity to make a name for themselves and earn more playing time down the stretch of the season. They will be going up against the Tampa Bay Buccaneers Offensive Line.  This group of lineman are strong and physical and will be looking to test them.  On this line is Pro-Bowl guard Carl Nicks, so this is not going to be an easy task.  Will these young bulls be ready? 

In the running game they will be asked to shut down Doug Martin.  They will have to clog the middle and close his running lanes.  In the passing game, a defender has about 3 seconds to get to the QB.  Only 3 seconds to bring him down or force him to move around where he could potentially make a mistake.  

Lissemore, Brent and Crawford will be judged on how they perform.  How quickly can they get out of their stance?  Will they be powerful enough to shed blocks to get to the ball carrier?  Do they have enough explosive ability to wreak havoc in the Tampa Bay Backfield?  They have been preparing all week and it is now time for them to showcase their talents.  Lissemore and Brent have had some good moments so far and have filled in nicely for the injured vets.  In  just their third year in the league, they seem to be poised to take that next step.  Crawford is a rookie who is trying to catch the eye of his coaches.  In a rotation that has been shortened due to injuries, he will have every chance to prove that he deserves more playing time.  


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