Week 3 Keys to the Game: TB vs Dallas


The Tampa Bay Buccaneers are coming off a tough loss against the Giants.  Almost a tale of two halves.  The Giants were just too good in the second half and found ways to comeback. The Buccaneers did not have an answer for Eli Manning and the passing game.  The Cowboys are trying to put last week behind them.  The Seattle game left many questioning the play calling on both sides of the ball.  Even worse, many people, including the opposing players were questioning their heart and intensity.  They came out flat and never bounced back.  What can the cowboys do to make sure they do not lose another game to a team that they are capable of defeating?

The first key to the game would be to enjoy being home.  The Cowboys started their schedule off by playing two games away from home.  Feed off of the adrenaline of being  back at Cowboys stadium and playing in front of your fans.

The second key to the game is for the Cowboys offense to become contagious..  Whatever Tony Romo is throwing, the receivers have to catch it.  There were three drops by Jason Witten, one and 1/2 by Dez Bryant and many more communication issues.  Be it bad reads or the wrong routes, these plays killed our offense.  These missed opportunities cost us trips to the End zone.  Sadly, sometimes you hear the phrase “Making your Quarterback look better”, but in this case the receivers didn’t even do their job.  There is already so much pressure on Tony.  Everyone needs to be accountable.  The Tampa Bay Secondary is not the Seattle  secondary, so they should have a better game.

The third key of the game is coping with injuries.  This defense will have three or four starters on the sideline playing limited amount of snaps or not at all.  We have young players that have been in games before, but they will be getting extended playing time with some key players banged up.  How we deal with this and how well they adjust will be important to our Defense.  They need to be at the right place at the right time.  The words preparation and execution applies to them as well.  Everyone on Defense is accountable for allowing big plays.  If they do this, Tampa Bay will struggle to put drives together.

The Final key of the game is to get off to a good start.  Keep our fans in the game by making something happen early.  This will also make Tampa Bay get away from their running game.  Our Defense needs to do a good job of defending the pass and not allow Mike Williams and Vincent Jackson to have big games.  Not only this, but a good start will help you further clear your mind from last weeks game.

The Cowboys should have a nice game.  The Buccaneers were carved up last game and I do not see an easy fix in place.  Tony Romo should light up the score board if he has the protection.  Dez Bryant will have a great game.  Time to prove that we are the team that everyone saw in the opener and not the embarrassment that showed up to Century field last week.  Time to get back on track.

Cool call of the day:  Did not get last weeks call, neither Carr or Claiborne got an interception.  Rooting for it again, but my cool call of the day is going to be a five sack performance from our Defense.  Josh Freeman is hard to get down, but I enjoy the challenge.


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