Sometimes Believing is All You Need

Sitting there, stunned in disbelief that this game started the way it did.  Not at all how I imagined it.  I had pictured a much crisper team.  I had pictured a team that would come to Century Field looking to add to their impressive showing in the NFL Kick-off game.  But Life paints its own pictures.  And on Sunday, blue and silver were not a colorful combination.

The Seahawks set the tone for the game on the opening kick-off.  A Felix Jones fumble brought all in attention to their feet and shook the ground.  Next the pictures fell off the wall, and then the roof was ripped open.  In less than five minutes the Seahawks ran off to a two possession game.  All with out their offense having any type of success.  Seattle’s offense had 12 yards on 9 plays but had a 10-0 lead thanks to their special teams.

The Cowboys Defense was actually doing a good job.  But then something happened. When you allow a team to go in to halftime with a lead, all while their Offense is struggling, they start to think and wonder.  “Wow!  We are winning this game.  And we have not done anything.  Our Defense has been doing a great job.  What if we come out their in the second half and start playing football on offense?”  They started to believe in themselves. They were hitting all game, but after halftime you noticed a change.  The Seattle Seahawks were in full flight.  They picked up their play and went out there on the field and finished taking their Victory.

“A warrior…feeds his body well; he trains it; works on it. Where he lacks knowledge, he studies. But above all he must believe. He must believe in his strength of will”- David Gemmell

The Seahawks are a dangerous team that will pose a threat to any team that they face.  It seems that once they are motivated and have that sense of confidence about them, and their ability they can be the team they know they can be.  Anything can happen on any given Sunday.  And when you can impact the game with your crowd, defense, special teams, and your ability to run the ball, sometimes believing is all you need.


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