Right Kind of Team? Part 1

You hear all the time someone pointing to the mental make-up of why we act a certain way.  It is the attitude, thinking, and behavior that exist when we make decisions and accomplish tasks in our day to day lives.   What goes through our mind and the development of our thought process.  How we react to certain experiences and our view of the challenges and areas of opportunities.  Your mental make-up is a huge determining factor of the person that you are.  It is your Identity.

People are always looking at you.  Through their perception, they are forming your identity.  At work, if a person comes in everyday and gives it all that they have, is a fast worker who doesn’t need to be told what to do by not wasting time- even does the little things; this person is said to be a hard worker.   A person that follows all the rules and regulations at all times, never takes short cuts and goes to the letter of the law, this person is said to be “by the book.”  What you do tells a lot about you.  You eventually become known for these things, both the good and the bad.

On Sunday, we will be facing a team that is going to try to change their Identity.  Interesting enough, the Cowboys are trying to do the same.  The big difference between the Tampa Bay Buccaneers and Dallas are age and expectations.  And it is disheartening to witness.  Like a twelve year old still wanting to be carried, or a college student still struggling with coloring books.  The Cowboys being the older team is still trying to get it together.  They are still working at becoming mature and show personal and collective development.  It is as if they do not fully understand what they are playing for nor of what their expectations are.  They are expected to win and win now.

In the list of things to accomplish, knowing who you are should be step one.  How can you reach your goals if yo do not know who you are?  Playing scared or with uncertainty will never get you where you want to be.  Thoughts of the Dennis Green press conference rushes to my mind.  “They are who we thought they were.”  The Cowboys are who we thought they were without realizing what they are.  You love to to see them play up for the competition.  Playing the best should bring out the best, but the same can be said about the  inferior teams as well.  That is why all one really wants is for the team to be consistent.  Play like we know you can for all four quarters in all games.  No one expects you to go undefeated, but why can’t you try.  This is the least of your expectations as a professional.  It makes the entire organization look bad when your opponent, Earl Thomas- Safety for the Seattle Seahawks, said “I felt like them guys  didn’t want to play”.

The Cowboys seem to always let a game go that they shouldn’t.  In 2008 they lost to the 2-14 St. Louis Rams.  In 2010, they lost to the Titans, Vikings, and Cardinals.  The Cardinals beat them again last year.  Focus and Preparation.  And the debate that I have been running into is that some say that the Cowboys should have been ready for Seattle since they had additional time, while others point to the fact that they may have been rusty or somehow less focused.  But this should not happen.  If anything, treat this like it was a short Bye Week.  Interesting fact that since 2005, the Cowboys are 5-2 after a bye week.  The only two losses have came in the last two years.  This can’t possibly resonate well with Jason Garrett, but what will he do about it.  One of the coaches responsibility is to mold the identity of your team, to put your imprint on it.  It is obvious that he still has some work to do in making the Cowboys the right kind of TEAM.


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