Cowboys vs Seahawks: Keys to the Game

It seems like a month ago we beat the Giants, but it has only been eleven days.  Eleven pain staking, agonizing days just waiting for the Cowboys to take the field.  Last week was a good win.  One down, fifteen to go.  Lets file that in the win column and focus on Seattle.   The Seahawks may not be a play-off team, but they are the team to beat. Simply because they are our next opponent.  The next Challenger in the Ring.  Add to the fact that we are on the road again in another hostile environment.  “This is a very difficult place to play,” Cowboys coach Jason Garrett said. “It’s loud. It’s almost a college-type atmosphere.”   Century Link Field will be rocking.

First key to the game is to control and contain.  Russell Wilson and Marshawn Lynch can be dangerous of he allow them to.  After watching the Saints and Redskins game last week, the one thing that I noticed is that the Saints Ends did a horrible job of containment.  Make these young and athletic Quarterbacks make plays in the pocket.  Do not allow the Running back to get where he wants to go.  Our Outside Linebackers and Ends must set the edge and our Defensive Tackle and Inside Linebackers need to close the running lanes.  The one thing that the Seattle staff will do is trying to move Wilson around more to evade our defenders.  The Cardinals pressured him from the inside and that caused some problems for their offense.  We must make them pay for doing this.  Get after him and force the Rookie into bad throws.  Marshawn “The Beast” runs so hard and can do damage when you don’t chain him up.  Interesting to see which guy shows up.  Marshawn Lynch has historically been a slow starter. In his entire career, both with Seattle and Buffalo, he has never rushed for over 100 yards in a game before week 8.  While he did have a good game against us last year rushing for 135 yards on 23 carries, that might not be a telling stat for what he will do Sunday. Either way, our Defense will be ready.

The second key to the game is being aware of what the Seahawks will do to bring pressure. They will use their speedy Linebackers and send Defensive backs to disrupt your timing.  Chris Clemons and the Defensive line is a hungry group that creates havoc in the back field and can change games.  Since 2010, Chris Clemons have had 23 sacks.  He, among with Red Bryant. needs to be accounted for.  Ryan Clark has had more time to work alongside our line and take snaps with Tony Romo.  Our Offensive unit should be stronger as a hold because of this.

The third key to the game is preparation and execution.  The Cowboys can not afford to take Seattle lightly.  No playing with your food at the Dinner table.  Many have this game set up as a trap game, but if we stay focused and execute our game plan we should come away with another victory.  There is a reason why Romo is 3-0 versus the Seahawks with a 112 passer rating.  We have to maintain that “Killer Instinct” that he referred to for the entire season.  Treat Sidney Rice and Golden Tate like Hakeem Nicks and Victor Cruz.  Bring your A game because you know that Seattle will be bringing theirs.  One thing that I will be looking at is to see how we do against ourselves.  How well have we gotten with communicating with each other and cutting down the amount of penalties we had?  From delay of game flags to five false starts calls.  And communicating on what we are seeing on the field and quickly making the necessary changes to put ourselves to win out that play.

Cool Call of the Day:  Both Morris Caliborne and Brandon Carr will have picks.  One being a pick six.


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