Contrasting Reflections

If the Cowboys could look into a mirror, they would see contrasting reflections.  They see more than one face in that mirror and it is troublesome.  Who are they?  And better yet, who will they become.  They see themselves, but it is hard to make out.  They see the team that they are (2011 team) and the team that they once were and are trying to become.

They see the 2011 season in one half of the mirror which ended in disappointment and failure.  Last year, the Cowboys did not have any problem beating bad teams.  They only beat one team that were playoff contenders.  And even that win took going into Overtime and a miracle from Tony Romo (with broken ribs and a punctured lung) and Jesse Holley.   Good teams will beat other good teams.  Great teams will get it done when they have their backs up against the wall.  They find a way to Victory.  When they have the lead in the fourth quarter, they find a way to finish and not let the other team off the hook.  Great teams do not beat themselves by committing turnovers and idiotic penalties.  They show a mental toughness and respond to their verbal and active leaders on the team.

In the other half of this mirror, they see the five Super Bowl Championships and the nice outlook of what could be the 2012 season.  A season that just might lead to redemption and success.  This contrasting reflection that is two faced is perplexing.  How do they become the team that they want to be?  There are no answers in the mirror and it does not provide a map showing what path to take.  Come Wednesday, the Journey of the 2012 Dallas Cowboys will begin.  They will be embarking on a quest to be good.  A trek of Greatness.  Trying to reach a former Glory and finding themselves in the process.  Is this the year that the Cowboys become the Team that they know they can be?

Honestly, the New York Giants were not that much better than we were but ended up Super Bowl Champions.  How did this happen?  In key parts of the season and in close games the Giants found a way to win and answer the Challenge.  When they were tested, they stepped up and triumphed.  You either “MAN UP” or move back.  On September 5th at the Meadow lands, we face our first Challenge of the 2012 season.  First opportunity in becoming a good football team and taking that next step to being the team that we want to be.  Will we be ready?  Our performance will reflect that answer.


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