Are the Dallas Cowboys P.R.E.P.T for Success in 2012?

Preparation, Respect, Execution, Pride, and Talent

Preparation- Coaching, Practicing, weight room, film study, proper focus, and organization.  Preparation is important to any task.  If you do not plan, you have planned to fail.  From a coaching stand point, it is vital to your success that you have a game plan and a foundation layed to build on.  You can never have enough communication.   Know what you are trying to do and put your self in the best position to do it.  Teaching can come in so many ways.  One of the best ways is film study.  This allows the players to see what they are doing, both right and wrong, and see how they can improve on that.  Remember the 5 Ps:  Proper Preparation Prevents Poor Performance.

Respect- Respect themselves, coaches, teammates, and opponents.  Respect the game and play it the right way.  To repeat Jason Garretts montra, be the Right Kind of Guy.  The right kind of football player.

Execution- Take in the first three phases of being P. R. E. P. T.  Take what you know and have learned to the football field.  You get paid to perform.

Pride- Love the game.  Take ownership of your position and role on the team.  Hold yourself and your team mates accountable.  You do not want to be the one to give up a score or a big play.  Instead continue to prove why you belong on this team and in the NFL.

Talent- Taking a look at the Cowboys Roster you certainly have some questions, but this roster is good enough to have success.  The term “On Paper” gets used too much at times.  But the last time I checked, football was played on the field and not on paper.  There are some improving players that want to make a name for themselves.  (Hatcher, Lissemore, Church, Olgetree(?), and Victor Butler)  The young players on this team will be looked at to provide a spark and earn their keep.  Players like Bruce Carter, Morris Claibourne, James Hanna and Tyron Smith will have a huge role on this team.  How will they continue to develop and how will they react to situations during the game and through out the season?  There are also other Talented members on the team that are looking to prove themselves.  Our entire offensive line will be scrutinized.  And with the first game of the season coming up they will be scrutinized even more as they go up against players like Justin Tuck, Jason Pierre-Paul, Matthias Kiwanuka, Osi Umenyiora, and Marvin Austin.

The Team that I saw in the first half of the Rams game was PREPT.  They looked exactly like they had looked in practice.  They executed the game plan.  They showed pride and passion for what they were doing, and the Talent was very visible.  They continue to develop consistency.  One of the things that I will be looking at is putting four quarters of football together and do it when it counts the most.  The game against the Rams was a rehearsal, but come September 5th the stage will be bigger and the lights will be brighter.


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