Cuts to get to 75 to be made by August 28th

Pre-Season is a place to make a name for yourself if you are a young player.  You can show what you are made of and what you can contribute to the team against competition and against other players who are hungry to prove that they belong in this Elite group of NFL players. Playing Football professionally in the NFL is a dream for many players, but some are about to see that dream disappear, at least for the time being, for this team as the first required round of cuts will be made on Tuesday.  They will have one more chance to showcase their talents in Saturdays game.  Which players will more than likely be looking at the door come Tuesday?

My predictions
  • Baraka Atkins
  • Daniel Loper
  • Levy Adcock
  • Harland Gunn
  • Javarris Williams
  • Eddie Whitley
  • Tyrone Novikoff
  • Rob Callaway
  • Harry Flaherty
  • Donavon Kemp (reports of IR)
  • David Little
  • Delbert Alvarado

The Roster is starting to take shape.  There is still alot of work that needs to be done by the Receivers and the Running backs.  Injuries have afford players some opportunities to step up and they have.  There are players that the Cowboys are interested in, but certain players have made the team take notice of them.   The Hard questions have already been asked and soon the Cowboys will have to look at the Elephants in the room.  Do we really need to have two QBs on the Roster?  Are we in love with the potential of a player too much, where as the production of other players have already proved to be advantageous of a roster spot?  Who can help us right now via subpackages or special teams?  Roster protection will be in full swing.  Some players will make it through waivers where other players will not.  How long will we wait on a player to finally “get it” before we let him walk?  Doesn’t the next amn deserve the same chance?  Players like Lance Dunbar and Adrian Hamilton have garnered attention by other NFL teams already. Time is running out, but these two positions along with DBs and LBs will be a huge debate of who stays and who goes.  Caleb McSurdy is out for the year already.   Who is going to make that next leap to secure a spot on the 2012-2013 Dallas Cowboys.  There will be players that will be released by the final cuts that will be playing football in this league this year, but the Coaches will make the decision that benefits the entire team.  Players like Teddy Williams, Clifton Gaithers, Andre Holmes, and Tim Benford will be watched closely during the week and a half.  It will be interesting to see who remains and who stays.  The next two preseason games will be vital to that point.


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