Carr-Show Preview


Brandon Carr has had a great off season.  He has been working out since he got here and has set the tone for all Defensive backs.  Not only does he bring a workers mentality to the team, but he is highly skilled and eagerly waiting to make this Defensive Unit one of the best in the NFL.  Saturday we saw a preview of what he can do and why we brought him here. 

With San Diego trying to find some rhythm in their offense, Phillip Rivers looked to the passing game to jump start their offense.  He should have looked somewhere else, because the two in-completions that he threw were completed.  Not to a Charger, but to Brandon Carr.  One was under thrown and the other was just a good play by Carr.  Either way, it feels good to have a Corner who is going to make big plays instead of giving them up.  And you can tell from his comments that this is something that he prides himself on.  “Once the ball is up you got to be that ball hawk and have confidence in your self.” 

A DB who loves to play tight coverage on the WR and then turn into a ball hawk when the ball is in the air.  This won’t take long to get use to.  He seems to be what Rob Ryan needs to further put pressure on QBs, force turnovers and be in a better position to stop the run.

He reads the ball well, is very dependable and can cover different type of receivers.  The NFC is mixed with different Wide-outs.  From Calvin Johnson to Victor Cruz.  In  just this short time, Brandon Carr is proving to be well worth his $50 million contract.  What will the Carr-Show be like come November and December?  If I had to go by what I have seen so far, heading to Hawaii.  Or with a little luck, getting ready for a game in New Orleans.


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