Jason Garrett Press Conference Notes: 8-11-12



David Arkin and Ronald Leary getting plenty of Snaps during Training Camp.  Tracks number of reps per player.  Have to make sure that they do not over do it, for the game.  Arkin has been seeing time at Center and Guard.  Jason Garrett and coaching staff did not like his inexperience but he seems to be getting that during TC.  Doing a heck of a job battling through it.  Looks good….Practicing football, not dipping him in boiling water.  Like his tenacity, toughness, mentally and physically, and has the size to play both guard and center.  Responsibilities at Center.  Snap the ball.  Control the ball.  Make line calls.  QB helping out.

Mackenzie and McQuistan has ben cross trained in case of emergency situations.  Wants to keep Mackenzie at Guard.

An important night for Andre Holmes (Oakland Game).  Coaches have to give players like Holmes opportunities to show them what they can do.  Put them in positions to showcase talents.  Needs to have a good practice today- in the moment taking things day by day.

Dockery has aclemented himself into playing football again.  Injuries took its toll on him last year.  In good shape and understands what he needs to do technically and stymatically per Callahans expectations for him.

Vickers has had a positive impact on the entire team. Short yardage benefit.  He has a good feel for playing the position.  Knowing where you need to be and adjusting when things change.  Talented but has a good approach and passionate about the game.  Bring toughness to the team.  Rubs off on other players.  Chappas being more physical and is more confident.  Second time around.

First time he played in preseason:  Too big for him.  Players were bigger, stronger, faster than what he was used to.  Remembers the first play like the back of his hand (23 years ago).  Impactful learning experience.  All players, especially the young ones are asked to be at your best.  Be the best version of your self everyday in practice.  So it transitions into the game. The emotional, and preparation parts of the game. Stick your cleats in the ground and have them feel like they are back at college.  A comfortableness and confidence that they once had.

53 Puzzle: Take a look at the Roster and make efforts to see how players fit in. More than weekly.  Less than Daily.  Nothing set in stone to give all players opportunities.  Background as a player plays in to his thinking.  Win with players who do things consistently well.  Making sure those who do it consistently have enough talent and for those who are talented are more consistent. 

Have the physical traits to do their job.  Going against the other players in the NFL.  Dont be too enamored with the guys who look the part, looks great on the mound but does not get any body out.  Have to have production.


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