Transcending Potential

The Cowboys are very optimistic about some of the young players that they have.  They have some on both sides of the ball.  Skills positions and also in the line-backing corps.  But what about the youngest player on the team?  No, not the rookies who are just about to get a taste of their first training camp though the Cowboys are pretty optimistic about them as well.  But Tyron Smith gives the Cowboys plenty of things to be optimistic about.

Experts from around the league and the college ranks say that this kid has greatness written all over him.  Some even have him ranked as the third best Left Tackle coming into this year.  Being great at Left Tackle is hard to do. Can expectations get any higher for him?

Smith played against some of the best talent for his position.  The NFC East is stacked on Defense.  As a Rookie, sur he made his fair share of mistakes, but he got better as the season went along.  In the first game against the Eagles, the Sack King of 2011, Jason Babin, gave Smith a hard time.  But when he took to the film room and worked harder on maintaining his leverage, he did a good job against him in the second game.  It was clear that the had plenty of potential and his athleticism and footwork was superb.  His long arms and quickness are great tools.  Tools that he is going to need as he begins to transition to Left Tackle.  There he can use his natural ability to protect Romos Blind side.

If Tyron Smith can come close to meeting the lofty expectations that have been placed in front of him,   he will not only excel at Left Tackle, but will anchor the Cowboys offensive line for hopefully the next ten years.  We will see his potential transcend into Greatness.


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