Free “Flopping”

Changes needed to be done to the offensive line.  The Cowboys brought in two new guards to improve the Offensive line.  They are hoping that this will improve the protection alongside of Costa and provide better running lanes for the Running backs.  One move that was made coming into this year was switching the Tackles.  Doug Free is making the move over to the Right Tackle position.  The young Tyron Smith will be switching over to Left Tackle.  Rather this move was made because of the potential of Tyron Smith or due to the decreased production from Free may be suggestive, but Free has been a model team-mate and continues to do well in Garrett-ology.  He is willing to do whatever is needed so that the team will have success.

A couple of years ago Free stepped in for Columbo and played well at Right Tackle.  He was good in pass blocking schemes and who can forget the way he was run blocking.  Felix Jones had some of his best runs when Doug Free was on the line.   We saw that he was an athletic, big blocker who could also maul over his opponents.  He was confident and was hungry to earn his keep.  Also, he was not playing against the premier pass rushers on the Left side like he was last year.  While most teams do provide two edge rushers off the line and Right side Defensive ends are getting more and more explosive, usually the pass rushing End is lined up on the left.

The Defensive End on the left side is premier because almost all QBs are right-handed.  They tend to prefer doing things on the right side of their body.  (Surveying the field, rolling out, and setting up in the pocket.)  This has their body positioned where their back, or blind side) is on the left.  The QB can not easily see blitzes and Defense rushes coming from the left side as he can from the right.  That is why it is important to feel pressure and use your pereferral vision as a Quarterback.  Being a mobile and elusive Quarterback like Romo makes it easier on the Offensive line because they can make things happen when the play breaks down.

Doug Free allowed seven sacks last year that he was credited for.  He has to regain his confidence and get back to being the player we saw in years past.  Some wonder if 2011 was an aberration or was Free exposed?  Hopefully for the sake of the Cowboys, it was just a small speed bump and this year will be a resurgence.  The Cowboys offensive success will depend on Free making improvements from last year and the development of the lines continuity.  If Bernadeau and Livings put all the concerns of our interior line to sleep, we should have a potent ground game and an explosive passing offense keeping Romo on his feet.


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