Tony Romo: Modern Day Dan Marino?

Dan Marino was one of the greatest Quarterbacks to ever play the game.  Until Peyton Manning and Tom Brady takes off their cleats and hangs up their jersey he remains in the Top Five list of Quarterbacks in NFL History.  He had the heart of a Champion and the numbers never lie.  It took twenty-seven years for Drew Brees and Tom Brady to break his single season passing record.  He went on to throw for more than 61,000 yards in his career.  That is second all-time only to Father Time (The Old Gunslinger), Brett Farve.  He threw for 420 touchdowns and only had four seasons out of his seventeen of where he threw 20 interceptions or more. 

The main reason why Dan Marino is not ranked higher is because he never won a Super Bowl.  He doesn’t have a Championship ring.  And more than any other position in sports, the quarterback is expected to not only be GREAT but help lead 52 other men to greatness.  To raise their level of play in order win the most coveted prize in Sports.  An NFL Championship.

Take a look at Tony Romo.  You can not deny that he is an Elite QB in this league.  He is better than some other quarterbacks that are ranked higher than he is.  Some are ranked higher because they have won a Championship. Romo has a passer rating of 96.9.  This is second All-time.  Better than Manning, Brady, Elway, Montana,  or Steve Young.

As long as we hold winning a Championship in a team sport as the ultimate deciding factor in judging an individuals accomplishments Romo will never truly be appreciated.  Add to the equation that he is the Quarterback of the Dallas Cowboys, Americas Team.  Following Legends of Roger Staubach and Troy Aikman.  He is expected to win a Championship.  Could this be the year?

The Cowboys are going into this season with a Talented offense that is stacked at the skill positions.  Two headed monster at running back with DeMarco Murray and Felix Jones, a Dynamic Duo at Wide Receiver in Dez Bryant and Miles Austin and Hall of Fame caliber Tight End, Jason Witten.  With Tony Romo fresh off another 4,000 yard season, the Cowboys offense have a chance to be even more explosive this year.  With Bill Callahan coordinating the running game and Jason Garrett gaining some much needed experience last year, our offense is only going to get better.  Then on Defense, we have potentially made the teams weakness last season on of its strengths.  Our Defense will be hungry and ready to take that next step.  If they have a good year, there is no reason why we can not go on a long play-off run.  And then, just maybe, Tony Romo can have his chance tom lift up that Lombardi Trophy and take his seat as one of the games Best.


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