Sean Lee: The Right Kind Of Leader

Part of Jason Garretts philosophy in having the “Right Kind of Guys” is having players that take care of business on and off the field.  They come to work each and every day with the thought of getting better.  And not only that, but they make their team better.  They would become the leaders of this team.  “Leadership is understanding people and involving them to help you do a job.  That takes all of the good charecteristics, like integrity, dedication of purpose, selflessness, knowledge, skill, implacability, as well as determination not to accept failure.” -Admiral Arleigh A. Burke

When you mention the Right Kind of Guy, I think of Sean Lee. He is a smart football player.  He has the instincts to make plays all over the field.  He also majored in Finance at Penn State.  He was a Big Team Academic All-American and had a 3.09 GPA.  He received the Lowes Senior Class Award for his outstanding achievements in the classroom, community, competition, and his charecter.  This is the premier award for NCAA Senior Student-Athletes.

Even his team mates think that he is a “Right kind of guy.”  At Penn State, the first time he was named Team Captain was in a year that he did not even play.  The team nominated him because of the work ethic and passion that he showed.  Current team mate Jason Hatcher stated that Sean Lee looks like the leader on this team.  “He will call you out in a second.  We just need more guys like that.”

He loves this game.  Not only can you see that in how he plays, but also by the way that he prepares.  When players could start working out at Valley Ranch, Lee was one of the first ones there.  He started working out in February in regards to getting ready for the season.  As soon as his wrist was fully healed he was chunking up weight in efforts to have a better year this year.

Sean Lee is entering his third year with the Dallas Cowboys.  The former Big Ten Defensive Player of the Year led the team in both tackles and Interceptions.  One of only three people in the entire NFL to do this, and he is the only one that was not a Corner back.  He had more Solo tackles to his credit than the second leading tackler had combined tackles.  Bottom line, Lee can produce.

The one thing that gets lost in the numbers is how tough Sean Lee is.  In highschool he was a two way player that rushed for over 1200 yards, 21 touchdowns and had 95 tackles at LB.  Take what he did last year when he played with a dislocated wrist.  Even after he came back with the cast, he stepped up and tried to be as productive as possible.  For a LB who depends on using his hands to wrap up balll carriers, this was a hard thing to get through.  Not once did he complain or show a lack of effort.

Another thing that I will be looking at is what type of impact he will have on Bruce Carter.  Keith Brooking provided some much needed guidance to Lee and helped develop him into the player that he is.  Helped him become a better Pro in film sessions, weight room training, and game week preparations.  Lee is still young, but he needs to be that type of voice for Bruce Carter as well.  I have no doubt that Lee can do this.   From his production on the field to his strong work ethic off the field, Sean Lee just might be the Right Kind of Guy to lead this Defense and help this team reach some of their goals.


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