Miles Austin: The Return of the Big Play

2011 was a year that Miles Austin wants to forget.  He only played 10 games due to injuring his hamsring.  This can be a nagging injury that is very costly to a Wide Receiver.  Running, getting out of cuts, and jumping is extremely painful when you have a pulled hamstring.  Also, with out the proper rest and treatment, it is easy to reaggrivate the injury or prevent it from healing.
Due to the injury, Miles Austins stats took a dive.  Usually, Miles thrives when he is in the slot.  He can use his quickness to get into the zone and catch passes over the middle.  His route running is superb.  Running precise routes is the best way to get open.  This goes a long way between the timing of the WR and QB.  If the QB knows that you will be “here” or “There” on a route he can throw the ball where you are going to be.  A QB gets use to how you run:  The timing, speed, rhythm, and stride.  Looking back at the Giants game, maybe this was why the Romo to Austin combonation was just a little off.  If the timing was there, we would have won that game and been in the play-offs.  What happen?  New York won and fed off this momentum to win the Super Bowl.
But Miles Austin is healthy again.  Healthy and doing all the right things now to make sure that he is in the best shape possible.  “I feel like last year I wasn’t prepared for the season the way I should’ve been condition-wise, even though I looked and felt it at the time.” said Miles Austin in an interview with Mens Heath Magazine.  “That’s one thing that I have to keep an eye on. To make sure I’m in the best physical shape I can be.”
What does that mean for the 2012 season?  It means that the big play option in our offense is back!  Let us compare what he did in 2010 to what he did battling through injuries in 2011.  Miles Austin had a career low 13.5 yards a completion last year.  Previously he had a 17.0 career yards per completion.  Miles had 31 first downs last year as oppose to 59 and 50 the years before.  In 2010, he had 17 catches for over 20 yards.  He only had 9 in 2011.  These are the big plays that I am refering to.  Those are the plays that I am refering to.  The ones that pick up the stick and keep our offense on the field.
We have come to expect great things from the former undrafted free agent.  When healthy, Miles is one of the best Wide Receivers in the NFL.  He is preparing himself to have a strong 2012 Campaign.  With the Cowboys still searching for their third Wide Receiver, we are going to need Miles healthy all year long to provide us with his big play capability.  He is one of the reasons we have such a dynamic offense.

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