Kyle Orton: Perfect Insurance Policy

Car Insurance.  You have to have it.  It is the LAW.  If you do not have it, you will suffer the consequences:  Tickets, financial problems, and even the loss of your vehicle.  Since there is no getting around it, you better choose a provider that holds value to you.  You want a provider that gives you premium coverage.  Premium coverage equals maximum protection.  You want a company that has a good name.  A good name that is respected, established and known for handling business when you need it the most.  A company that is going to work hard to provide you with the best service it possibly can.  The agent understands the laws, provisions, plans, and coverages.  This policy would also come at a good price.

A backup Quarterback is also mandatory.  You have to have one.  The best example is in the Indianapolis Colts.  With Peyton Manning, they were a perennial playoff team that would always push for Superbowl contention.  With out Peyton and they were the worst team in the NFL last year.  Making it simple, loosing Peyton Manning devastated that team.

The Dallas Cowboys needed a backup Quarterback.  An insurance plan in case something happened to Tony Romo.  Why?  First because Jon Kitna retired.  After fifteen seasons he hung up his cleats and rode into the sunset.  Also, you have to consider what the Colts didn’t.  What if…?  The quarterback is considered to be the most important part of your team.  And then look at Tony Romo.  He has not went through out his career without injuries.  And when you play in the NFL for this long, at quarterback no less, with the lack of protection at times that he had, injuries will come.  While Romo has proven that he is tough, he has been knocked down and sometimes has missed games.

In 2008, Romo missed three games with a broken finger.  Brad Johnson went 1-2 in his absence.  In the last game of the season, Romo was seen in the Eagles visiting team locker room collapsed on the floor with an apparent rib injury.  No word was given when it happened or how long he played with it.  In 2010, Romo missed the rest of the season with a broken Clavicle.  Jon Kitna went 4-5 in the nine games that Tony Romo missed.  Last year against the 49ers, Romo suffered a broken rib and a punctured lung.  While he did not miss any time, this injury affected him for most of the year.  In week 16, Romo bruised his throwing hand when it hit the opposing players helmet.  Romo left that game and the Cowboys went on to lose that game.

This brings me to Kyle Orton.  A good backup Quarterback and insurance plan should be counted on when you need it.  In 2005, Kyle Orton proved that he can come in and perform when your Quarterback is injured.  He went 10-5 for the Bears that year playing for the injured Rex Grossman.  Last year, he was 2-1 for the Chiefs when he was picked up to play for the injured Matt Cassell.

Can he throw the ball and play the Quarterback position?  Kyle Orton has a career passer rating of 79.4.  That ranks 65th in the NFL for a career.  Kyle Orton has a better passer rating than the guy he is replacing.  Jon Kitna had a passer rating of 77.4.  To put those number in better perspective, The Great John Elway only had a passer rating of 79.9.  Interesting to note that Kyle Orton has a better career passer rating than at least six starters going into next season. And what about his completion rating?  He is doing well in that category as well.  He stacks up well against almost all the QBs in the NFC East.  Orton has a career passing completion percentage of 58.3.  This is slightly below Eli Mannings 58.4 and above Vick at a 56 and Rex Grossman with a 55.2.  In case you are wondering, Tony Romo is at a 64.5 completion percentage.

But does Kyle Orton come at a good price?  And does it come with Value.  Yes.  Kyle Orton signed a three-year deal worth $10.5 million dollars.  This ranks 46th among all Quarterbacks that are currently in the NFL.  This is very good considering that he is ranked as the NFLs best backup QB in the league and is better than some of the starters.

Indeed, you need a good insurance plan.  You need it for competition purposes and for those “just in case” moments.  You do not pay for it for what happens, but for what might happen.  You hope that he never sees the field unless it is in mop up duty.  And even without playing he might be the best money you ever spent.  The best investment you never cash in on.  He is your Insurance plan.


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