Jason Witten: A Model of Consistency

There are guys who PLAY football, then there are FOOTBALL PLAYERS.

The All-Pro Jason Witten has been one of the best Tight Ends in the NFL since his break out season in 2004.  In just his second year, the third rounder became the go to guy for the Dallas Cowboys.  In that span he has had three 1,000 yard seasons and has never had less than 750 yards receiving.  Tony Gonzales, Alge Crumpler, Todd Heap, Jeremy Shockey, Antonio Gates, Rob Gronkowski, Jimmy Graham, Jermaine Grishom, and Jermichael Finley have all been Top 5 Tight ends in this league.  Jason Witten approached Top 5 status and has never left.  It has become his home.  The place where he belongs.  Often times he has been in the the top spot.  He remains the consistent player that has continued to display greatness year in and year out.

Maybe not the biggest, fastest, or most athletic but Jason Witten has become one of the greatest Tight Ends in NFL history.  He is a smart player and does whatever is needed to win ball games.  He will find open spots of the zone in any Defense and always catches the ball when ever it is thrown to him.  And he is tough as nails.  Do I need to remind you of the play?  The play where he looses his helmet?   Playing a division rival, Witten gets hit by two players when he makes the catch.  (Helmet to helmet contact)  He breaks the tackle and immediately gets up the field as Philadelphia Eagles are trying to bring him down.  Anf they finally do, 53 yards later as he is deep in the redzone.  This play is what comes to mind anytime I think about Witten.  This best describes the player that he is and how much he loves the game.  But the two time first NFL All-Pro and seven time Pro-Bowler is more than just a Top 10 play.

Jason Witten has only played 9 seasons and is already in the Top three all-time in Receiving yards and receptions.  The players below him are Kellen Winslow, Mike Ditka, Dave Casper and Antonio Gates.  (Gates has suffered from injuries)  Some great players.  But what about the two ahead of him?  Tony Gonzales played 15 seasons, Shannon Sharpe played 14 seasons.  Jason Witten is still getting it done in this league.  He has 696 receptions with 7,909 yards receiving.

Flex Tight-Ends might be the new trend in the NFL but Jason Witten continues to do it all.  Blocking, Receiving, Deep play potential, and ability to move the chains.  Jason Witten is like a good pair of jeans: Dependable, Fits Perfectly, Never goes out of Style.  Witten seems to never have a bad game and often makes the game changing play that seals a win or converts a much needed first down.  I have come to have tremendous amount of appreciation and respect for the player that Jason Witten is.  A model of consistency.


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