All Aboard the Romo-Coaster

While watching the Cowboys completely dominate the Buffalo Bills this past Sunday, all I could say to myself is “ where the heck have these Cowboys been?”

After a season and a half of head scratching and dice rolling to see what team would show up, I came away amazed at every aspect of the game.

This current Cowboys team has been nicknamed “The Cardiac Cowboys” and not because they scare their opponents into cardiac arrest but because they have made some amazing–bone headed mistakes that has kept their games close.

The Cowboys have been part of some close games dating back all the way back to the middle of last season and it’s frustrating to watch. Not just because the Cowboys have lost many of these close games but they could have won almost all of them. The Cowboys are just a few bad play calls and interceptions away from an 8-1 record this year.

Things might be starting to come around though. The Cowboys have shown they can hang with all but 1 team they have played this year and they will get a chance at revenge on Christmas Eve against the hated Philadelphia Eagles.

In fact, the Cowboys have blown out three out of their last four opponents. Okay okay, so the 10 point win against the Seahawks wasn’t exactly a blow out but it was still a two score win and didn’t exactly play their best for four quarters.

You can say what you want about the Seahawks but they have a respectable defense and they just beat the Baltimore Ravens; a team many thought were the class of the AFC before that game.

So here we are at 5-4 and just one game back from the Giants for the NFC East lead with a real chance at making the playoffs.

Just a few weeks ago we were running Romo out of town after a few INT’s and then it was “Romo for president” after the fractured rib comeback against the 49ers. Then again we were running Romo out of town and now after a near picture perfect game and a blow out against a good Bills team, we find ourselves praising Tony Romo yet again.

Jeesh, I can’t imagine what Tony Romo must be thinking about the media and us fans. This season truly has been an up and down Romo-coaster and I’ve enjoyed watching every bit of it.


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