Week 8: This and That

What Gives?!?!

It seems that there are more people discrediting DeMarco Murray’s record setting performance this past Sunday against the St. Louis Rams than there are praising it.

Former Eagles fullback John Ritchie on Murray’s performance:

“Heading into this game he was averaging under three yards a carry. This will never happen again, in my opinion. I like DeMarco Murray as a back, I do. And I think he catches the ball really well. I have issues with his pad level, at times, but against these Rams, it didn’t matter. They’re going in trying to tackle him high. No. 32 against the run coming in.”

Skip Bayless of ESPN, who is well known for being a Cowboys antagonist, agrees with Ritchie and added a few comments himself:

“I’ll just say he’s not the real deal. I’m not going to trust that DeMarco will save the day without Felix Jones”

What gives? In my opinion this is very low class. Just give the kid some credit for an amazing first career start or don’t say anything at all.

-Rookie linebacker Bruce Carter he is playing his first career game this Sunday night against Eagles and is “…very excited,” but perhaps somebody forgot to mention this to Head Coach Jason Garrett.

Garrett has not confirmed or denied Carter playing this Sunday night and appeared to be dancing around the question regarding Carter’s status. It looks like Cowboys will have to wait and see if the ‘Bruce-Lee’ era will begin until game day.

Tony Romo has confirmed that he and his new wife are pregnant and should be expecting their first child this March.

This has vBookie bet written all over it. Over-under at 9 pounds, boy vs. girl, names such as Jason Witten Romo or Jerry Ann Romo. Any suggestions?

-For the fist time this season Cowboys Head Coach and Offensive Coordinator Jason Garrett called more run plays that pass plays. This surprisingly resulted in the teams most convincing win in over a year.

It’s easy to call run plays if they’re working and DeMarco Murray was a big part of that. Could this be a sign of things to come? One poster here on Cowboys-Forum think so. Manofaiki, a long time poster and respected member of C-F wrote this past week that:

“If Murray turns out to be a new breakout star for us much like Austin was 3 years ago, I think we can expect to see more games where Dallas will run more than they throw.”

Manofaiki also added that this will help the Cowboys hold a lead and close out games instead of giving away free-bee’s like the Lions game.

-Cornerback Mike Jenkins seems to coming back to his 2009 Pro Bowl form. Jenkins made a great play this past Sunday by man-handling Rams wide receiver Brandon Lloyd and intercepting A.J. Feely almost simultaneously.

Some of Jenkins struggles last season were due to a loss of confidence but that was not the only reason for his struggles.

Moving Alan Ball from corner to safety backfired and the results were a horrible secondary that got torched by mediocre quarterbacks like David Garrard. Cornerbacks must be able to trust that their safety has their back or things will get ugly real quick and they did.

Between his solid play, leadership and knowledge of the Ryan 3-4, Abram Elam has been the Cowboys best free-agency addition this year. He has solidified a position that has been burning the Dallas Cowboys since Darren Woodson’s sudden retirement.

Jerry Jones Quote of the week.

A football lesson on the fullback position by Coach Owner/GM Jerry Jones:

“The fullback effectively splits the defense. It lets you block up in there, catch up, man up, with an extra player that you don’t have when you’re playing with a true prototype fullback.”

Is this the technical definition Jerry?

Interesting Stat(s) of the week:

Thanx to DeMarco Murray’s record setting day, the Cowboys moved from 27th in the league in rushing to 12th. That’s a pretty amazing 1 week swing.

The Philadelphia Eagles are giving up over 123 yards a game on the ground–good for 18th in the league against the run.


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