Week 7: This and That

by Dustin Dalia

This is a quick look on what is going in Dallas Cowboys land as the team prepares for the Rams.

It seems as though the Cowboys will be splitting the carries this Sunday between Choice and Murray with a few hints that Tanner could get his first regular season carries against the Rams:

Jerry Jones breaks down Sunday’s running game plan, “We’ve shown that we’ve split the carries and, in this circumstance, that’s very appropriate since DeMarco is still very early on inhis repetitions, his time that he’s sorted through the blocking.”

Jones on Tanner:
“He’s [Tanner] a very impressive player and a very impressive person. We just haven’t ha anybody come in, especially as a free agent, and be any more professional than he is and that really is him. That carries away from the practice field and goes into the meeting rooms and goes beyond that. He’s a serious young man. He has real good, natural instincts in finding soft spots and running with the ball. To the degree that we do give the ball to Phillip Tanner, I’m comfortable with that.”

-Rob Ryan expressing his man-love for DeMarcus Ware:
“I saw Superman I and II. Never saw the third one,” Ryan said. “I know Lawrence Taylor’s obviously a fantastic player, but the best player I’ve ever seen on defense is DeMarcus Ware without a doubt.”

– According to Calvin Watkins, Kyle Kosiar will be playing with a steal plate in the bottom of his shoe after tearing his Plantar Fascia. Kosiar says he will be fine but Terrence Newman suffered the same injury in 2007, missed 2 games and played the rest of the season in pain from the foot and from getting burned repeatedly on the field.

– Bucky Brooks of NFL.com thinks the Cowboys may be the best team in the NFC East despite their 2-3 record. Brooks points out that the Cowboys have the best defense in the division and have a favorable schedule for the next several weeks. He also said that the Cowboys need to fix their redzone issues before the team can take their game to the next level.

-In week 1 against the Jets, Dez Bryant injured his quad during a punt return and has not returned a punt since. That could change this week after the Cowboys released wide receiver Dwayne Harris. Jason Garrett says Bryant and backup wide receiver Kevin Ogletree will share the punt return duties this week against the Rams.

-Nick Eatman of dallascowboys.com thinks the Cowboys will blow out the Rams:
“I’m sensing a blowout here. I just think the Cowboys will take out their frustrations against the Rams this week. St. Louis just seems overmatched completely. Healthy again on both sides of the ball, I see the Cowboys putting up some points on offense and keeping a Rams team that has just four touchdowns this year in check as well. Something tells me this 11-game streak of games decided by four points or less will end in a big way.”

I am not buying any of this blowout stuff I keep hearing around the water cooler. The Cowboys have not “blown-out” a team in over a year when the Cowboys beat the Texans 27-13 on the road. I think the Cowboys will win and COULD blow-out the Rams but I wouldn’t bet money on it.

-Interesting Stats of the week:
Most sacks allowed by a team in 2011: 22- St. Louis Ram


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