Cowboys-Patriots: Keys to Cowboys Victory

by Dustin Dalia

The loss to Detroit was an absolute heartbreaker for most ‘Boyz fans to take. Not just because the Cowboys lost a game they had dominated for over 3 quarters but because we (fans) had to hear all of the anti-Romo chatter that comes with what seems to be every other week.

Even though I might not ever get over this loss for awhile it is now time to move on to the the next opponent…The New England Patriots.

I don’t think we need to go into great detail on the Patriots offense or Tom Brady’s golden locks. Instead lets take a look at a few things I think need to happen in order to tame ‘the gods of football’.

Take away the middle with General Lee

Brady and Welker have been hooking up at an alarming rate. Wes Welker is on pace to beat the single season records for both receptions and receiving yards. I doubt that Welker can keep this pace but it does show you how hard it is to cover the little engine that could one-on-one.

Rob Ryan will use Sean Lee’s superb recognition skills to take away a lot of the short passes over the middle that the Patriots offense relies on so much.  Lee has shown outstanding skills while dropping into zone coverage but has not had to deal with Wes Welker, 2 dynamic TE’s, and a crafty veteran RB all at the same time.

This game will tell us a lot about See Lee’s development and if he has a stellar game, it could catapult him into elite status.

Run, run and then run it again

One classic way to slow down a near unstoppable offense it to keep them off the field.  In order for the Cowboys to do this they need to consistently good yardage on the ground–not just break off 1 or 2 long runs by Felix Jones.

The Cowboys offensive line must open holes against the Leagues 13th defense against the run that is giving up 4.6 yards per carry. It will be a tough test against a couple of the games best space eaters in Vince Wilfork and Albert Haynsworth.

Take away Tom Brady’s strongest attribute

It is not an easy task confusing and knocking Tom Brady around but this is the key to slowing him down as the Giants did in 2007 and the Browns did in 2010. Guess who coached the Browns defense in that game?  You guessed it,  none other than our very own defensive coordinator Rob Ryan.

Eric Mangini broke down the 2010 Patriots/Browns matchup and pointed out that the Cowboys need to take away the chance for Brady to get a pre-snap read, make him move around the pocket, and jam the receivers at the line. This is easier said then done but Tom Brady is beatable. After all, he hasn’t won a playoff game since the 2007 season.

My Take

So there it is–the blue print to beating the beloved New England Patriots. I will have to say that at first glance I take a deep breath and pray that Brady doesn’t carve us up like a Thanksgiving turkey but when I take a deeper look at their 32nd ranked defense against the pass it gives me a little hope.

Romo and the gang must eliminate those costly mistakes and play like a championship caliber team for 4 quarters to have a chance.

I am putting on my homer glasses today…Cowboys win 31-28!


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